Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo prepares for the great football match and needs you to help him find the perfect decision for his apparel. Can you give him some suggestions. This game is played with mouse only.

Rogue Soul

Play free online game Rogue Soul at Run, jump, fight guards, steal treasures, escape through the city’s streets and become the most wanted Rogue in town in this Epic Soul Adventure.7 unique enemies, infinite town …

Captain USA

Play as Captain USA and defeat the enemy by killing all of its soldiers through different levels. To accomplish this mission, you should stay alive against their massive attack as you have limited lives. Try to be very quick and shoot them on the spot…

Dragon Gem

A cool Flash Platform Games. Beat the enemy by using your sword and collect the items that will appear. Beat all enemies to advance through levels….

Jungle Escape

The hero is lost in the jungle! Help him get the keys, jump through the levels to get to the top avoiding the traps and bats….

Prehisto Riks

Fly on your dino as you throw rock hammers at attacking bees….

Ben 10 Ninja Spirit

Y88 Ben 10 Ninja Spirit Game – Slice and dice ninjas as Ben 10. Flip switches and keep your health up as you move to the right. Play game kizi at

Ben 10 Speedy Runner

Ben 10 Speedy Runner Game – Help Ben 10 to collect crystals. You must reach finish before time is up. Play Y88 game now!

Ben 10 Hard Bike

Drive your bike and reach the finish line. Play Ben 10 Hard Bike Y88 games for free now, here is our collection of Ben 10 Hard Bike Y88 and we add new free games every day.

Bomberman Flash

Bomberman Flash Game – Bomberman in the land of the pumpkin. 1 or 2 players mode. Play free games online at

Fists of the MeterMa

Fists of the MeterMa Game – Punch and kick the incoming zombies while continuing to check meters. Play game free now!

Pizza Passion

Pizza Passion Game – Pizza Passion is totally addicting action game fun. Taste the passion fresh out of Love’s oven. Toss away to pizza heaven! Play y88 game now!

Cyber Ryder

If all these bike skill games are way too hard for you, you should try your luck in the easy and fun sport game Cyber Ryder.

City Racers 2

Choose your mode to win races around the city.

Beat the Meter

Each Driver has $10.00 they wish to spend at the pumps. When a car arrives, use the cursor keys to guide Stelios to a pump to start filing it up. But make sure you return to the car in time to stop it at $10.00. A car left overfilling loses you money and …

Seafood Salad Recipe

Seafood Salad Recipe game – Click to play the game Seafood Salad Recipe now. Y8 New Games – Play a new flash game everyday on your pc. Y8 games like no other online flash game portal.

Thai Green Chicken

Thai Green Chicken game – Free online girl games at

French Crepes Recipe

French Crepes Recipe game – Free online girl games at

Fairy 44

Behind those jungle outfits she is actually a very affectionate fairy.
Fairy 44

Girl dressup makeover

Before her day out, she wants to look at her finest. Help this pretty fine lady dress at her best!

Hannah Montana

Dress up Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, whoever you know her as! This girl is a true sensation, trying to balance her school life and her Hollywood life! Miley Cyrus has been very successful as an actor and a singer. I know you girls will like this one!


Select your character and beat all other barbarians!

Henry VIII Dressed to Kill

Select your armor and your weapon as you battle against another knight. Can you take it all?

Bad Dudes vs

Osama Bin Laden has been captured. Are you a bad enough dude to kick his ass?

Panda vs Zombies

Dark devil from end of the world opened the gate between zombies and human. A huge wave of zombies rushed in, attack anything alive! Finish them!

Evilgeddon Spooky Max

The world is conquered by chaotic creatures of the Netherworld and no one ever dared to fight back. Now it’s you time to put an end to this and save your hometown! Play Evilgeddon: Spooky Max game at now!

Zombie Blitz

Even back in the 60s they struggled with the odd zombie infestation. Help defend the town and try not to get bitten! Play it now at

The Champions 3D

The best World Cup Soccer 2010 game! Choose your preferred team and lead your champions through the 7 matches of the World Cup Soccer 2010. Win the finals and take the trophy in the name of your favorite country! W, A, S, D / Arrow Keys – Move.
X, N – Pass.
C, M – Shoot.


Penalty time is pressure time—can you kick your team to the finals?This soccer game is deadlocked…and that means it’s penalty shootout time. Use your mouse to time and aim your shot as the striker. When goalkeeping, click the gloves to block the shot.

Gold Medal Game

Easy and fun one button-game. Try to kick the ball with as much power as you can and click left mouse button to make it go sideways. Aim for the golden medals and the players standing in the way. Save up some score and buy upgrades to keep the ball runnin

One Man Army 2

One Man Army 2 Game – Taking refuge in a nearby city, your mission now is to stay alive. Play One Man Army 2 game online for free. You can play the flash game at fullscreen mode.

War Copter

A brand new shooting game. The conflict on the battlefield has reached devastating levels. The way to seek victory is to take the state of the art war copter airborne. Fire the gun turret and missiles to destroy all potential threats. Be prepared for this

Big Battle Tanks

Play Big Battle Tanks a free Similar at Thousands of free addictive Flash games like Big Battle Tanks and many more. Updated daily

Flying Ninja

Flying Ninja Game online – A Help kakashi Fight all the ninja and protect konoha from it. Play it now!

Sugeh in the Bamboo Forest

Help Sugeh to reach the top of the bamboo forest. Play Sugeh in the Bamboo Forest 2 games online for free now, here is our collection of Sugeh in the Bamboo Forest 2 and we add new free games daily

Benjo Ninja

Benjo Ninja Game – Get into the skin of Ben 10 and get ready to fight with your katana against a samurai army. For start click ONYA

Mario racing tournament

Take part in a fun Super Mario racing tournament! Drive as one of eight Mushroom Kingdom characters like Mario, Luigi, Bowser or Princess Peach. Race over platforms, collect power ups and try to win of course.

Super Mario Miner

Super Mario Miner – Help Super Mario collect enough gold coins quick enough to reach the next level. Play it Now at

Mario Street Fight

Fight against 2 player or AI in this cool Mario bros fighting game.

Find the star

Find the star – In the desert scenery, a star has fallen; find the little yellow star and you will bring new elements in the game. Transform the desert into a little lively village full of trees.

Petshop 1

It’s your first day on the job at the pet-grooming studio. Your job is to groom the pets so that they will stay healthy and clean. There are two different ways of playing this game: 1. The Time Mode, which is a race against the clock, during which you have to groom as many pets you can in four minutes. 2. The Free Mode, which contains eight steps: washing, rinsing, towel drying, hair drying, brushing, teeth brushing, nail trimming and accessorizing.

How many teddy 1

Kids counting teddy bears there are is a simple game for children who are learning to count; the teddy bears are displayed on a game board that is easy to identify; the player has to click on the number corresponding to the total number of teddy bears.

Romantic Day Out

Romantic Day Out game – On a beautiful spring morning you go for a ride on your bike with your boyfriend. It’s so romantic to share a bike. Play free friv games now!

Sue Delivery Meals

Play Sue Delivery Meals online on Every day new Girls Games online! Sue Delivery Meals is Safe, Cool to play and Free!

Sweet Match

Defeat your enemy by simply drinking your juice. Play Sweet Match a free online game at

Teddy Ball

Teddy Ball – Play Teddy Ball game online for free. You can play the flash game at fullscreen mode

Doraemon Bowling

Doraemon Bowling Game – Doraemon has invited you to play bowling with him. See if you can get a higher score than him. Play Y88 game now!

Tom and jerry in cheese chasing maze

Tom and Jerry in Cheese Chasing Maze Game – Help stuck Jerry to escape from the maze that Tom built. Collect extra points and avoid obstacles. Play free game now!